Customizing the Future

Engineering Learning Customized Products

Custom Robotics

Our products are created in accordance to your needs.

From vary basic Industry 4.0 to more complex robotics or laboratory equipment. Our engineers will design, elaborate and create European High Quality products.


Automation solutions and configurations. With different solutions for work load, degrees of freedom and utility. 


Full customization based on your needs. Complex to simple didactic panels for easy learning and in depth processes. 

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Product Support

Giving you the best product support and solving any issues.

Our program of In-Land-Engineering allows you to receive one or multiple Engineers at your country, where we are capable of implementing any technology and designing any product.


Our engineers will explore your needs and will find a suitable solution until it is fully implemented. 


Our designs are based on YOUR needs. Every school or technological center has different needs and requirements. We will make our best to fulfill them beyond expectations. 


Giving you the best product support and solving any issues.

From autonomous robots to training software, we have partnered with multiple High-End software companies for your products. We also have In-House software design to meet all your needs.


With different software and main parts providers we will continue with your line of work. If you have any special selection or software company needs we will configure the units upon your special request. 


All our designs are configurations are created from top expert Engineers in order to fulfill your demands. There is no easy or difficult project.. 

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Quality matters to us, a lot.

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Best Materials

Highest Quality Materials. 

From high grade Aluminum Alloys to Special Lightweight Carbon reinforced structures. 

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Best Design

From Simple to Complex designs. We will adapt to your space and time requirements. 

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Best Engineering

European Engineers designing and configuring your products. To ensure you will get the best with the highest quality.

Why ÖsterrTech?

A different way of making the industry better.

Our teaching equipment are designed based on real life engineering solutions. The students that train with our products are guarantee a successful path on any desired industry. 

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