Automation System for Housing and Buildings

Model: OT-HAUT

The home and building automation system is designed to be able to teach and learn about the study of the KNX software interface and the different pieces that make up the equipment. Different programming can be carried out to simulate real residential automation situations as well as the sending of signals by means of infrared signal buttons. For the use of Automation of lighting and Air Conditioning through the field bus technique. HMI supervision configuration for wireless control of each project.

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Automation System for Housing and Buildings


  • Blinds Actuator 1
  • Actuator on/off 1
  • Heating Controller 1
  • Light intensity regulator 1
  • Controller on/off 1
  • Dimmable control for lamps 1
  • Shade Action Control 1
  • power supply 1
  • Power supply current 640mA
  • DALI converter 1
  • Dimmable Reactor 1
  • lamps 3
  • KNX push button 1
  • IR receiver button
  • KNW 1 KNX Binary Input 1
  • KNX motion sensor 1
  • Presence sensor 1
  • External temperature sensor 1
  • External light sensor 1
  • Universal Dimmer KNX 1
  • Blind control 1
  • Component for KNX dimming 1
  • Component of voltage for KNX dimming 0-10V KNX protocol current 1
  • Communication component 1
  • Tablet module for Wireless supervision 1
  • KNX interface module 1
  • Double switch 1
  • Infrared Remote Control 1
  • Infrared remote control channels 11
  • Motion Sensors of Presence, Temperature, Brightness
  • Input power supply 110-230VAC / Output 24 VDC
  • KNX communication protocol for residential automation Network topology and structuring
  • A manual KNX Actuator with manual action on/off and current sensing.
  • KNX Software is included.


  • Approximate measurements: 2000 x 1410 x 840mm (W x H x D)
  • Anodized aluminum profile, carbon steel and MDP panels
  • Source of protection against short circuits, overloads and electric shocks.
  • Crossbars for fixing the components.
  • Fixing of components without the need to use tools.
  • Components with IP20 protection, high resistance laminate and indelible identification.
  • Components with back closure.

The system includes all connection and programming cables, software licenses, user manuals and exercises.

R3 Data Overview

Construction typeStandard
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