Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy Training System

Model: EH1

The solar and wind hybrid energy training training system includes a workstation, battery bank, battery bank junction box, AC outlets, measuring instruments, DC power distribution panel, horizontal disconnect switches and vertical, bypass charge controller, dump charge, circuit breakers, KWh meters with AC breaker box, AC/DC wall switches, and lockout tagout module.

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Didactic system for training in hybrid solar and wind energy
  • 120V power
  • Type: Mobile
  • Type: Single Phase
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • 600W solar simulator
  • power distribution bar
  • remote controlled power inverter
  • solar charge controller
  • stop switch
  • Adapter socket for DC lamp
  • Generation, storage and conversion practices – DC to AC and DC to DC. In solar and wind energy.
  • Training in installation, operation, maintenance and repair of solar and wind alternative energy systems with real and commercial components can be carried out.
  • Assembly of the photovoltaic module.
  • Wind turbine generator with DC motor.
  • Solar panel connections.
  • DC motor controller.
  • Necessary accessories and cables.
  • Interface for data acquisition via WAN or LAN network
  • 5 minute timer for protection against overheating of the solar simulator.
  • Possibility of simulating different wind speeds.


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