Motor Control Center

Model: CM2

Staggered start of 3 motors, rotation change of 2 motors, start with soft-start, start with variator. Starting a and b by means of a relief system and plc. Protections for control circuits.

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Motor Control center


  • Height: 1.2m 
  • Width: 0.8m 
  • Depth: 0.4m 
  • Current: 50 amps 
  • Voltage: 240VAC 
  • System: 3 Phases Frequency: 60Hz 
  • 1 3 x 50A main switch with trip coil. 
  • 1 15-inch TFT LCD HMI touch screen. With connection capacity to industrial Ethernet, profibus, MPI Resolution 1200 x 800 pixels, two USB ports and two SD memory slots. 
  • 1 8A power supply. 
  • 1 8 x 10/1000 Mbit/s RJ45 Switch 
  • 1 Modem for control and monitoring through mobile phone network. 
  • 1 industrial Access Point for local wireless network. 
  • 1 PLC with integrated profibus and ethernet interface. 
  • 1. built-in RS485 port and 3 RJ45 ports. 
  • Integrated color HR display. Ability to display alarms, failures of hardware and software 32 digital inputs 24 VDC 32 digital outputs 24 VDC. 8 analog inputs with 16-bit resolution for voltage, current, RTD, and thermocouple 4 analog outputs with 16-bit resolution for voltage and current. 
  • Integrated web server. 
  • AC-3 contactors for power circuit of 2 HP motors with their respective thermal relays Auxiliary relays for control with PLC
  • Red, green and white LED type indicator lights with ethernet connectivity for the controls. 
  • NO and NC pushbuttons with ethernet connectivity, necessary for the control commands. 
  • 1 Emergency Switch. 
  • Professional programming software under 64-bit Windows system for all programmable devices inside the cabinet. 
  • Programming cables between PC and equipment. 
  • Communication cables through protocol between equipment.
  • Operation manuals.
  • A variable speed drive with communication for industrial ethernet, 2 inputs and 2 analog outputs from 0 to 10 VDC/4-20mA. 
  • A control 24V AC/DC softstarter with 2HP of power and Ethernet communication. 
  •  A double contact mushroom type emergency switch. 
  • Independent motor protectors for each type of starter Connection diagrams of all the elements contained in the motor control center.

Motor Control Center Data Overview

Construction typeStandard
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