Solar Panel Refrigerator Kit

Model: SFP1

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Solar-Cooling System-2


  • Solar panels: 270W Batteries: 6V

  • Refrigerator 7 cu-ft; 2 doors Inverter: 1500W

  • Solar control: 30 amps

  • Hemetic type compressor

  • High insulation cold room with static evaporator.

  • Chamber regulation thermostat

  • Capillary tube.

  • Shut-off valves

  • Step indicator

  • Filter

  • Valve for emptying, recovering and charging refrigerant.

  • Connection pipes for different components of different color.

  • flowmeter

  • High pressure gauges

  • Low pressure gauges.

  • Determination of pressure at different points in the circuit.

  • Includes: 2 PT100 probes for measurement with a digital multimeter.

  • 1 Differential magneto-thermal switch.

  • Breakdown simulator by means of switches.

  • Emergency button.

  • Includes Base for Solar Panels

  • Screen-printed synoptic panel with colors and circuit

  • Hydraulic with led

  • Mobile Panel Base


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