Mobile Robot

Model: MB1

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Mob r mobile robot


  • 12V rechargeable sealed lead-gel batteries.
  • Includes: Infrared distance sensors, inductive sensors, optical sensors, color camera with full HD 1080px resolution. Includes mounting platform and electric clamp.
  • USB and Ethernet interface.
  • With DC industrial motor mechanism with rotating optical transmission of pulses to maneuver in all directions.
  • 2.4Ghz processor. Programming: C++ Metallic Chassis Laser Scanner
  • Electric clamp on mounting platform
  • Ability to integrate with other electronic components through digital/analog inputs and outputs.
  • Control with processor with the following characteristics:
  • Hard Drive: 64GB Ethernet Ports
  • Programming capacity in Windows. Manager for MES integration.
  • License for 12 users.
  • Cables for interaction between PC and Equipment


ÖsterrTech Judendorferstraße 89, Leoben, Österreich