Robot Station

Model: TS-RBT

The robot station has been developed together with the robot of the international brand ABB. The station includes grippers, automatic gripper changer, compressor, security cabinet with transparent doors which can be locked with a key, console with touch panel control, robot controller, three-belt conveyor module, pneumatic actuators, RFID sensors, system independent control for PLC tapes, vision system with camera and 8-port switch.

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Robot Station


  • Total operating pressure 6 BAR
  • Conveyor Belt System
  • Quantity 3 Bands
  • Control Actuators
  • 24VDC tape drive motors
  • SIEMENS PLC Belt Control
  • 1 Base for assembly of parts
  • 1 Siemens Touch Panel
  • Switch of 8 ports
  • 3 Miscellaneous tweezers
  • Automatic clamp change
  • Color Sensor Vision System
  • Camera resolution 752 x 480 px
  • Ethernet / CAN BUS camera interface
  • Frame rate 150 frames/s

The distribution of tapes is made up as follows:

Two belts run in the opposite direction and one belt forms a ByPass for the slides that are supplied to the robot as an assembly order.

  • Robot control unit and manual control.
  • Complete kit of parts to carry out the assembly process
  • Robot programming software is included.
  • Touch screen software included
  • 230VAC voltage
  • 6 axes
  • Load capacity 4kg
  • 1 Grapple with automatic changer
  • 1 Silent Compressor
  • 1 Pneumatic Actuators
  • Independent control system controlled by SIEMENS PLC.
  • Includes SIEMENS PLC
  • Panoramic screen TFT 7 inches brand SIEMENS.
  • Frame rate 150FPS/second


  • Sheet steel
  • Aluminum profile
  • Base for assembly of pieces.
  • Includes full Software.


ÖsterrTech Judendorferstraße 89, Leoben, Österreich